Our Beginning

I was driving to City Hall for the first of the Titusville Visioning Meetings.  I asked the Lord what my contribution was for this meeting He had told me to attend.  He said,  “Tell them that no matter how much money they spend on the downtown area, they will not achieve their goals because the neighborhoods people drive through to get to the town are run down and dilapidated.”

After I agreed with Him, He asked me if I would direct the program to improve the neighborhoods.  I now have a non-profit corporation to do that.  It is Miracle City Ministries, Inc.

Our first ministry is to paint the houses that owners are unable to paint and cannot afford to pay for the labor.  We are now working on the foundation of the ministry with all the legalities and organization that are necessary.

We are all volunteers and we are looking for more volunteers to help us.  Please contact us if you are interested.  We would like to know what you think about our ministry.  Please help us out with suggestions on how we can make this successful for the people in our community.


Margie Kinslow

Executive Director


2 thoughts on “Our Beginning”

    1. Thank you. Father God gave me this assignment and He has been faithful to it as He was to the adult literacy/ESOL program I ran for the county for 7 years. I appreciate your kind comments! Blessings on you and yours! Margie

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