our 1st                Ministry is to      Our Community

We have become aware of people in our community who can no longer maintain their homes that are now in disrepair. Our first ministry will be painting houses for people who, due to physical and financial circumstances, need assistance.

Through our words, and by our actions, we want to communicate to the precious people who live in the houses how valuable they are.  We want them to realize how much God loves them and has purposes and destinies for them.


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          our 2nd              Community                ministry

We realize the houses and yards will need some attention before painting begins.  We are going to do some basic yard maintenance and minor, affordable house repairs necessary prior to painting.

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Our 3rd ministry IS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS

People who have skills they can pass on to younger generations enjoy contributing to their community by joining our organization.  Teaching younger members of our community brings significance to their lives, and the people they teach benefit by having marketable skills for future income.  We love providing "win-win" opportunities for trainers, trainees, our clients, and our community.

Young people who complete our training and apprenticeship programs in lawn maintenance, minor exterior house repairs, and exterior house painting receive certificates of accomplishment.

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Since 1993

Titusville is over 150 years old and deserves a face-lift.

DowntownTitusville is getting a face-lift.  That is good news for us who love it.  However, in order to get to the downtown area, we must drive through residential areas that are in need of improvement.

I have talked to some of the precious people who live in houses that really need at least a fresh coat of paint.  They would love to live in houses that are nicely painted and well-kept.

You may be thinking, "I live in a house like that."  Or maybe, "I wish I didn't have to look at run-down houses on my way to town."

Well, if you would like the houses and yards to look better, would you be willing to help us improve them?  This could be a "win-win" situation.  They could live in pretty houses and you could enjoy seeing them as you go to town.

That is exactly the first mission of Miracle City Ministries, Inc.  We need your help to help people in our community and improve Titusville at the same time.



Pritchard House

Next Steps...

If you are seeking opportunities to be significant in the lives of others, call, text, or e-mail us to discuss where you would fit in our ministry.