Service #1

We paint houses for owners who are unable to paint them, don't have family or friends who can/will paint them, and who cannot afford to hire painters.

Service #2

We provide volunteer opportunities for people in our community who want to be significant in the lives of others and want to make our community a more beautiful place.

Service #3

We provide opportunities for people to learn new skills as they work with people who have knowledge, skills, and talents to share.


Everyone Can Help!

Our ministry has something you can do even if you can't physically get out and paint houses for people.  Any donation you can make will make a difference.  We would rather have many small donations than one great big one, because it shows that many hearts care and want to improve our community.

Even Techies are needed!

Keeping volunteers organized in a city-wide ministry will be sooooo much easier if we have the website and database to communicate and to manage the projects, schedules, materials, etc.  We need computer/database people to give us a jumpstart and/or to stay on board with us if they would like to move us through the course.  If you are interested, please contact us.  Or, if you know someone who might be interested, please ask them to contact us.  Thanks so much!


Next Steps...

Please pray for us and pray about a role that God may want you to fill in our ministry.