We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We became a corporation on January 18, 2018.  Our directors have worked hundreds of hours on legal documents, forms, and program planning.   Our program has been delayed 2 years due to Margie's illnesses and regaining her strength.

When are you starting your projects?

That depends on people volunteering to help us.  "Many hands make light work." is a saying that I have heard all of my life.  It is true!

We plan to begin our first house project in February of 2022.  We are finishing work on our enclosed work trailer.

I am a pretty good painter, but I'm not a professional.  Could I be a trainer?

Experience is the best teacher.  Painting skills are important for those who are painting.  We will have trainers, who paint well and have a desire to train others to paint.  From your question, I believe you are a potential trainer.  If you decide training isn't your "thing," you can always be a painter. We need painters also.

Do you have whistleblowing policies and procedures?

Absolutely! Our motto "Serving others as unto the Lord" is our standard of performance.  Our work, relationships, ethics, courtesy, respect for every person, honesty in all situations, etc. are expected.  Every volunteer is required to read our policies and procedures, sign them, and operate under them at all times when participating with other volunteers and our clients during training, working, and social interaction.

Volunteers and clients are also required to report any behaviors of volunteers they see are not aligned with our policies and procedures.

Those who report such incidents will have our promise to investigate and to take the necessary actions to end them.